PwC Canada


Role Description

At PwC, Liz managed a portfolio of internal clients ranging from Consulting, Deals and Assurance to Retail, Financial Services and Entertainment and Media. When she started in the role, the concept of digital was still quite new to the firm. The digital services team were essentially seen as “the team who put content on the website.”

Over Liz’s four years at the firm, the role evolved to become one of an advisor or consultant. Liz got to work one-on-one with senior staff while helping them understand digital could be used to help them (and their practice) stand out.

Some of the bigger projects Liz worked on included the promotion of Federal Budget Announcement (affectionately known as the Super Bowl of Accounting), the annual Canadian Banks publication, the Vision to Reality program and the Business Insights – Survey of Private Company Leaders

Role Details

Company: PwC Canada
Date: February 2012 – December 2015
Skills: Digital Marketing, Social Selling, Personal Branding, SEO


Role Highlights

  • Lead workshops on how to use social media for personal branding
  • Lead Social Media 101 sessions for colleagues
  • Recipient of two Spotlight awards for outstanding work
  • Received a promotion within one year of starting at the firm

Thank you for continually going above and beyond the call of duty. We appreciate the ideas you bring to the table and the assistance in executing our marketing efforts. It is great to have you part of the team!


Coach, PwC Canada

Liz is one of the most capable people I know. She can always be counted on to come through, no matter how challenging the situation. Liz has a deep knowledge of digital and social media marketing strategy that she uses to implement successful campaigns. During my time at PwC, Liz took the lead on some of the firm’s most important campaigns, such as implementing the digital marketing strategy for high-priority initiatives and developing new sections for the website — and her clients always knew they were in good hands and that Liz’s efforts would lead to success.


Coach, PwC Canada

Liz has a very positive impact on our team thanks to her friendly nature, positive outlook and 110% work ethic. Her reliability and willingness to help inspires a great deal of confidence within our group. Liz will do whatever she can to help, particularly when unexpected demands come in. She is always willing to offer up new solutions/ways with her extensive knowledge about the digital world especially as all aspects of marketing are either in or heading to the digital realm. Because of this trust and certainty, we are able to deliver more to our teams.


Colleague, PwC Canada

Thank you for being such a pro-active and helpful team-player. Working with you is an absolute pleasure and I truly appreciate everything you do.


Colleague, PwC Canada

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