Group Selfie

Some people take their selfies very seriously. As previously mentioned, some people are getting surgery to ensure that they look their best in their pictures. Other folks are so reckless when taking their selfies that they get hurt or, worse.

The selfie phenomenon has even led to the creation of products to help people take better photos. And now there’s a course people can take to fully understand how to take the perfect selfie.

City Lit is an adult education college in London’s Covent Garden and is now offering a month-long course titled “The art of self portraiture.” The course costs £132 – or $237 CDN.

The course will help students to “improve their critical understanding of the photographic self-portrait, as well as a platform to develop ideas towards the creation of a coherent body of work.”

Everyone is welcome to take the course, even those who have taken a self-portrait in the most casual way. However, students can’t just show up with their smartphones. To take the course, students need to bring their own digital SLR camera and have an understanding of ISO, aperture, shutter speed and white balance.

The month-long course won’t be spent just taking selfies, either. Students will have to participate in lectures and presentations, seminars, discussion and group work. They will also have their work critiqued.

Is this the peak of the selfie craze? Time will tell.

Photo Courtesy of Just Ard