Below is some feedback I’ve received from colleagues I’ve worked with, as well as former supervisors and managers.

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Thank you for continually going above and beyond the call of duty. We appreciate the ideas you bring to the table and the assistance in executing our marketing efforts. It is great to have you part of the team!

– Lesley, Coach

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Liz is one of the most capable people I know. She can always be counted on to come through, no matter how challenging the situation. Liz has a deep knowledge of digital and social media marketing strategy that she uses to implement successful campaigns. During my time at PwC, Liz took the lead on some of the firm’s most important campaigns, such as implementing the digital marketing strategy for high-priority initiatives and developing new sections for the website — and her clients always knew they were in good hands and that Liz’s efforts would lead to success.

– Poonam, Coach 

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I’ve had the pleasure of managing Liz on the Group Benefits Digital Communications team in her role as Digital Communications Specialist. In her time at SLF, she has been instrumental in implement complex, high profile digital projects such as transitioning to a new process and platform for e-newsletter distributions, investigating large-scale webinar solutions, as well as pushing forward a pilot social media advertising campaign. She has provided insightful analysis of ongoing social media campaigns, in addition to handling marketing and web requests from internal clients. Liz has a range of technical skills and experience that made her a valuable asset to our team. She has a great attitude and an excellent client service orientation and always goes beyond to ensure that our clients’ needs are satisfied.

– Stephanie, Manager 

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Liz has a very positive impact on our team thanks to her friendly nature, positive outlook and 110% work ethic. Her reliability and willingness to help inspires a great deal of confidence within our group. Liz will do whatever she can to help, particularly when unexpected demands come in. She is always willing to offer up new solutions/ways with her extensive knowledge about the digital world especially as all aspects of marketing are either in or heading to the digital realm. Because of this trust and certainity, we are able to deliver more to our teams.

– Jorja, Colleague 

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Thank you for being such a pro-active and helpful team-player. Working with you is an absolute pleasure and I truly appreciate everything you do.

– Anita, Colleague