Our Favourite Tools

Below is a list of our favourite tools, apps and services. These tools help us be more productive and manage the work we do with our clients.

Photo of a desk with a keyboard, mouse, tablet and other accessories on it.

Everything we’ve listed below is a tool, app or service we use frequently in our work. Some of the links below may be affiliate links; which means if you end up buying the product or service after clicking the link we will get a small commission from it. The commission comes at no additional cost to you and helps us cover some of the costs associated with maintaining this site.

We only recommend products and services which we have personally used and have found to be beneficial. This list may change over time as some of the apps and services we use change as our needs grow.

We’ve grouped the list into the following categories (although some of the items fall into several categories).

Desktop Apps

These are the apps we use on both Mac and Windows computers.

Chrome Extensions

We love being able to customize Chrome. These are our favourite extensions. (Check out our list of Chrome extensions every digital marketer needs.)

Phone Apps

Our phones are our most frequently used tools. These are the apps we use regularly.

Web Apps

In addition to our desktop apps, there are a number of web apps that help us stay productive.


We use WordPress for every site we build and work on. These are our go-to resources when working on WordPress.

What do you think of our favourite tools? What are your go-to tools and resources?