It seems the social media team at DiGiorno Pizza has fully recovered from their social media gaffe last Fall. I say this because during a public spat on Twitter last week between singer Iggy Azalea and Papa John’s Pizza, DiGiorno once again chimed in. Only this time, their comment was on point and very well received.

The back story

Iggy Azalea ordered a pizza from Papa John’s and was upset to find herself getting texts and calls from people claiming to have gotten her number from the pizza delivery man.

Papa John’s quickly replied, albeit in a light-heard fashion:

Azalea was not impressed:

DiGiorno seized the moment and commented:

I guess on social media, a few months is enough to forget a gaffe like the one DiGiorno experienced last Fall. That bodes good news for everyone else who’s sent out a regrettable tweet from a brand account and those of us who worry that we too may slip up one day.

Someone should let the team at US Airways know that it’s okay to joke on Twitter again.

Top Photo Courtesy of Seth Werkheiser