On the subway the other day, I noticed a young girl taking a selfie. Actually, I noticed her taking several selfies as she angled her arm in various positions, turned her face one way, then the other, and changed up her facial expressions. She was pretty consumed with her picture taking; so much so she didn’t notice my observing her over my newspaper.

I couldn’t help but wonder if she knew that her pictures could be improved with the help of a new product: the Selfie Brush – it’s the brush everyone is talking about!

Selfie Brush


The brush is essentially a case for the iPhone 5 and 5s (iPhone 6 users will have to wait). Unlike other phone cases though, the Selfie Brush helps make sure your hair looks great for your selfies. According to the website:

Makes your cell phone easy to hold for the best selfies ever! Comes in Pink, Purple and Black. Works with iPhone 5 and 5s. More phone models to come.

Since the brush gives you a wider reach, you can include some of your body in your pictures. In addition to helping improve your selfies, the brush is also easy to find in your pocketbook and the paddle brush gives you professional results.

I’m sure you’re wondering how much this gem of an invention costs. Have no fear friends, it’s not going to break the bank. This amazing selfie improvement tool will only set you back $19.99.

You can read more about the selfie brush on the company’s website. As for me, I’m waiting until they release one for the Android line of phones.