Bent iPhone 6

Apple started this week on a pretty good note. After all, the company sold over 10 million new iPhones in the first weekend of sales. Apple said the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus set a record for first weekend iPhone sales, surpassing last year’s mark of nine million units when the iPhone 5S and 5C went on sale.

Then along came complaints from users that their new iPhones were being bent as a result of being in their pockets for long periods of time. And so began #bendgate.

Apple was having a pretty good week. And then #bendgate happened...Click To Tweet

First, people mocked the phone:


Then they suggested new products, like the iRoller:

Which was followed up by jokes about Apple’s executive team:

What I found interesting was that the jokes weren’t just coming from ordinary people. Brands got in on it, too: From Samsung:

From Heineken:


From KitKat:

It should be noted that KitKat is the name of the current version of the Android operating system, which means the KitKat carries a bit more of a sting than the others.

KitKat's #bendgate tweet is especially funny given that it's the name of the new Android OS.Click To Tweet

No Internet meme would be complete without an ecard:

Apple broke their silence today, claiming they had only received 9 complaints from people about their bent iPhones.

The company said that both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus had met or exceeded tests for product strength and durability. My guess is that “hours crammed in a user’s skinny jeans” will now be added to a phone’s durability tests.

Photo Courtesy of Unbox Therapy/YouTube